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Letter: Say 'no' to proposed ID cards

The Obama Administration is ready to implement a plan that paints a bulls-eye right on the back of Christians. Liberals in Congress are working 24 hours a day to impose legislation with devastating consequences upon our nation: amnesty for illegal aliens.

The goal of the left is merely a smokescreen for their ultimate plan to enslave the American people. The left has labored for amnesty for 12 to 20 million illegal aliens, now living in the U.S. Men, women and children who are bankrupting our cities and towns by overwhelming our education and health care systems and our social services.

"Comprehensive immigration reform" with a "pathway to citizenship" is nothing more than blanket amnesty for millions of illegals who thumb their noses at not just our laws but our American heritage also. The leftists in the U.S. House and Senate are pushing a mandatory national identification card that you and I will be forced to carry with us everywhere we go. They say their proposed card will solve the illegal immigration problem by stopping undocumented workers from gaining employment, but that's a lie.

The danger of this card is that once the federal government mandates that every American carry this card for employment purposes, it won't be long before it becomes compulsory for voting, gun ownership, traveling and the "ObamaCare" scam.

Call your U.S. and state legislators to stop the ID card. For more information write to Traditional Values Coalition, National Processing Center, PO Box 930, Albert Lea, MN 56007-0930. Attn: Rev. Louis P. Sheldon.

Lorraine Vojak