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Letter: Politicians’ opinions on issues differ

President Obama, Vice President Biden, Governor Dayton, many state and federal representatives and many others are advocates of gun control legislation for the alleged purpose of saving children’s lives.

Many of these same people, if not all, and possibly others, support abortion. They give many reasons in arguing their support, such as it being a woman’s health issue, a right to choose, a social right, a Constitutional right, a sexual right, a civil right and others. There are no restrictions on starting a life but once It happens these advocates want the woman to have the absolute right to terminate that life at her discretion.

In the one case, the advocates want to protect children from being killed and in the other they are supportive of killing children. It would be of interest to have these advocates explain the logic and rationale of their argument.

We hear different opinions as to when life begins. Who among us is wise enough to know? Who among us is wise enough to know the potential contribution to society of an unborn child? Who is wise enough to put a value on that contribution?

How many of us are thankful for the decision our mothers made when they became pregnant?

Arnold Leshovsky