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Letter: No excuse for failed politics

Two recent letter writers in the Enterprise chastised Republicans for failing to work with President Obama and for calling for a voter ID law. The liberal idea of reaching across the aisle to work with Republicans is to have the Republicans give up 90 percent of their policy ideas to 10 percent from the likes of Sen. Klobuchar and Pres. Obama. Since Obama took office the price of gas at the pumps has more than doubled. Unemployment has continued to climb and people are still losing their homes. This is change? This is progress? And don't keep blaming Bush and the Republicans. In his first two years in office Mr. Obama had a Democratic Senate and a Democrat House to work with.

With our economy going into a recession Mr. Obama is more worried about getting homosexuals into the military and allowing them to marry. He has also disregarded American law by allowing about 2 million illegal immigrants (children of illegals) to stay in the compete for jobs by legal citizens. Mr. Obama has become the Campaigner In Chief. He has broken campaign promise after campaign promise. He's a bit like the Roman Emperor, Nero, who supposedly fiddled while Rome was burning. Mr. Obama is fiddling on senseless issues while over 23 million Americans are out of work and many more millions are unemployed.

While many Americans are hurting financially, Mr. Obama and senators like Klobuchar are willing to send billions upon billions of dollars to Muslim countries like Pakistan and Egypt who hate our guts and would do anything to kill us. Outside of helping send our money overseas, Klobuchar is one of the laziest senators Minnesota has ever had. Well, I guess she can take credit for helping pass Obamacare.

And the liberal Democrats are still perpetuating the myth that a voter ID will disfranchise a lot of people. No, what a voter ID does is help prevent illegals and felons from voting and will help prevent the fiasco when ACORN helped Al Franken get thousands of votes from voters who voted dozens of times. Mr. Obama promised to quit if he could not turn the economy around in four years. He failed. Goodbye Mr. President. Go golf with your Hollywood friends.

Tom R. Kovach