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Letter: Conceived child also a victim in rape

When I look at Paul Ryan's beautiful daughter I am appalled at the number of beautiful daughters and sons that are not living today because they have been killed in their mothers' womb. Pre-meditated killing of an unborn child can never truly solve an adult's problems (or inconveniences) or save the mother's life!

In cases of rape, the conceived child is also the victim. Don't make it worse for the child by killing it! There is always help for unplanned pregnancies. Check out, Catholic Charities, local Life Care Centers and Pregnancy Resource Centers. Amazingly, once impregnated, a woman carries the effect of that pregnancy with her for her whole life! Read the following quote form the website One More Soul, "The pre-born babies provide living cells that cross the placenta and live for decades in the mom's blood. These fetal cells remain in the mother's blood stream and mobilize themselves where ever injury is occurring in the body. The fetal cells are not attacked by the mother, but rather work as stem cells that transform themselves into new tissue that gives new life to the mother."

Oh, by the way, we sure enjoy our 8-year-old grandson who was conceived as a result of a drug rape.

Mary Schiebe