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Letter: Christmas 1950 brings back memories

It was December 1950 and I had a 15-day Christmas leave. Another soldier and I hitch-hiked 500-600 miles from Camp Carson, Colo. to our home near Huron, S.D. We were in our U.S. Army uniforms.

A lady in Wyoming bought bus tickets for us to Rapid City, S.D. A World War II vet in a semi-truck gave us a ride to Miller, S.D. some 40 miles from our destination. I called dad to pick us up, which he did and chewed me out. We made it to the farm and dad cooled down as he was glad to see me home.

Dad bought bus tickets back to Carson.

Yes, you could do goofy things like we did in 1950. Several years later back home again dad and I had a good laugh about Christmas 1950.

Ed Rudy, Master Sgt.

Park Rapids