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Letter: Against the new county jail

I agree with Jean Avenson’s opinion in the May 17 Enterprise. I have always been against the new jail. I knew it would go bust. There have been several news investigations on for profit jails. They invite judicial corruption, invite excessive sentencing, and release out of town crooks into local neighborhoods regardless of what the jail promises to the contrary.

They are already trying to figure out how to get their hands on more criminals, if rent a crook doesn’t work do they just close up the fancy new jail? No they will find a way to fill it up. Ever wonder why laws change so much county to county, state to state? There are several persons in this town who are not allowed to return to their home state until they finish their probation here because this is where they came and committed the crime. They were not previous residents, so why would we think the rent a crook program would be any different.

Dianne Wylie

Park Rapids