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Griffith ready to serve the people

"Sometimes it's hard to be a woman..." Oh I hear ya Tammy Wynette, I hear ya. And I stand by my man Dan Griffith who, of course is not perfect but he is honest. He's someone I call a "servant-leader;" a man, husband, father to our four sons and an attorney who seeks to help and serve others with qualities of integrity, character and leadership (he's won awards for having these qualities). I especially stand by my man as he runs a Minnesota statewide race for judge on the court of appeals.

I stand firmly by my husband Dan Griffith for I know the truth of his character and am sorry to hear that his opponent, Mr. Stauber, is trying to smear my husband. Politicians try to smear their opponents to prevent voters from examining what this election is really about. The issue in this election is our right to vote for our judicial leaders as our constitution states (Article VI Sec. 7). The challengers, Tim Tingelstad, Greg Wersal and Dan Griffith are fighting for our right to vote. Their incumbent opponents, including Mr. Stauber, are not.

We can win over the executive and legislative branches and still lose because the judicial branch can overturn the other two. Judges do not need to be independent from the people. They need to be independent from insider politics and accountable to the people.

It is a judge's job to hear the facts, find the truth and apply the law - not rewrite it. If we cannot even trust a judge to follow the constitution in respect to their own selection, how can we trust them to follow it on anything else?

Visit Dan Griffith's website www.griffithfor and get to know him, contact him, ask him any questions you may have and then elect the man who is ready to serve the people. Stand by Dan Griffith with me.

Debbie Griffith

International Falls