Pachel is Park Rapids Area High School student of the month

The daughter of Heidi and Steven Pachel plans to work two jobs and is interested in playing college softball.


Shailyn Pachel is the February student of the month at Park Rapids Area High School.

Shailyn is the daughter of Heidi and Steven Pachel. She has been involved in softball, National Honor Society, student council prom committee, we decide and peer mentoring. In hockey, she was active on the varsity, bantams, and girls 15 and under teams and was a volunteer coach. In volleyball, she was a team manager.

Pachel plans to take a gap year and work at SWI Interiors and the Blueberry Pines golf course, unless she receives an offer to play college softball.

Business teacher Angie Kuehn said, “Shai is very deserving of this award. I had her in accounting, and even though she was one of the youngest in the class, she had one of the best grades. I could always count on her to help others if I could not get to them. Currently, she is in the business internship program and works for SWI Interiors. She has worked in many different positions with them and is an invaluable employee for them. I know Shai has a bright future, and I look forward to hearing of her achievements!”

English teacher Kerry Johnson said, “I enjoy having Shailyn in class. I appreciate her sense of humor and how she is loyal to those she cares about. She also stands up for her beliefs, and she is not afraid to put herself out there. She is insightful and a hard worker. She has many great qualities – congrats!”


Shailyn Pachel

Math teacher Mike Baumgartner said, “She is the big wheel, big cheese, big enchilada, head honcho, muckety muck, bigwig, kingpin, grand poobah, top banana in our calculus class. Her classmates are impressed with how quickly she finds the solution to the most difficult of problems. There is no ceiling to her talents in the field of math, which everyone knows is the language of science, and science is the language of the world. So, congratulations to Shailyn!”

Phy ed teacher Marion Goeden said, “Shailyn Pachel might slide under the radar for some because she is one of those quiet leaders. Yet, she goes the extra mile to be the best at what she does. Shailyn is in school early each morning to train for her next season. She is involved in volleyball, hockey, and softball. She trains all year long to be a top player in the section in softball. Shailyn is willing to do the behind-the-scenes work for her team long before the season starts. She is one who will step up and help show a new student around school. Her positive attitude and great sense of humor makes you want to hang with her.

“There is a more serious side to Shailyn when it comes to family and her job. She is one of the most mature seniors I know in handling business and home life with an eagerness to learn. Shailyn is a self-starter when it comes to the responsibilities she handles each day. I appreciate that Shailyn is being recognized for her leadership and the positive role she plays in our school.”

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