We Support David Suby

This letter is paid content. We are proud to support David Suby for Minnesota State House of Representatives District 2B.

David was a small business owner for 43 years and knows that a successful business is nothing without its workers. David found that offering a good living wage increased productivity and loyalty. When David Suby retired in 2015 his lowest paid worker made $23 an hour. The COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of health care workers and aides, grocery store cashiers and stockers, janitors and many others. These jobs are often low paid positions and offer little job security and few benefits. David will work to accelerate the goal of a living wage for everyone. A good living wage increases productivity and loyalty and as a result makes businesses more successful.

David and wife Sally have been lake cabin owners in Minnesota lake country since 1972. They are very passionate about the environment. David believes we need to be caretakers of our environment and examine the things we use such as oil, gas, and coal as well as the way those things impact the environment. He believes we need to wean ourselves from these parts of our economy and move to greener technology which is a good investment both economically and environmentally.

Please consider voting for David Suby  --  and vote early!!

Fred and Chris Luckeroth

Park Rapids, Minn.