We Can’t Withstand Four More Years

This letter is paid content. My last political letter was posted a few weeks before the 2016 election on the issues of government regulations on banking, business, food industry, environment, health care, etc. and why they were in place to protect American people.

Then candidate Trump ran on “deregulating” and “draining the swamp”. I warned you to study his past history filled with corruption, racism, immoral values, and self-serving shady business practices which would lead to the end of your Republican party as you knew it.

He “drained the swamp”, but filled it with leeches and surrounded himself with a cabinet of which, if they had dignity, he threw them out; then many of whom face or have been charged and convicted of crimes. He has in the last four years shown us the true side of Trump. He has destroyed our constitution, justice system, EPA, CDC, FDA, FEMA, civil rights, FBI, CIA, relations with our allies, World Health Organization, morale of our military, now working on the USPS. He has incited hate and division, renewed white supremacy, intensified racism, degraded women, Gold Star families, war hero’s (John McCain), world leaders, handicapped people and civil servants, excepting communist dictators, generally anyone who stood up to his lies, deceit and immoral values.

He has broken the progress of democracy in the world and is trying to destroy the very democracy and voting rights of the United States. The destruction he has caused will go down in history as a breaking point of democracy. No democratic society has ever survived 200 years. Our nation is pushing 245 years.

Unless we wake up, the U.S. will not survive, and this is what Russia, China, and Islamic radicals want.

Yes, it has shown us his true side and it has shown us the Republican party will sacrifice their dignity, morals, and values and turn a blind eye to the destruction of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, accept his lies and cower to his threats. I hope the Republican party can reset this November and realize what four more years will mean.

Accept a Democratic president for now, regroup and regain power with a dignified candidate. So many past Republican leaders, representatives, senators, governors, and mayors are sounding the alarm and speaking out against his policies. They are not turncoats; they are true to the Republican Party and are trying to salvage what’s left of it.

There are many ways he has instilled fear and mistrust in our nation and his hand in the COVID19 pandemic has caused death and strife. All of the Republican states - Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, etc. - that followed his lead to “please” him have paid the price and even his own team is telling them to enact mask mandates and regulate businesses. Regardless of where this started, we are in the middle of an historic pandemic and until this country is unified in the fight together, our economy and way of life will not normalize.

I have watched as locally the Republicans we elected to our House and Senate have followed his lead and have lied about the facts of our economy, misguided the facts of Covid19, and instilled radical outlooks on the civil unrest and gun rights in our community.

A letter in the Farmers Independent about Rep. Steve Green (R-2B) on June 18 by Terry Kalil, president of the Park Rapids League of Women Voters (a non-partisan organization) called him out and showed how to fact check him. Rep. Matt Grosell (R-2A) and Sen. Paul Utke (R-District 2) have misrepresented the so called “tax breaks” for Minnesota working people and have been called out by David Suby, DFL candidate for 2B, and contacting him on his website ( will enlighten you.

These candidates, like Trump, are feeding the peanuts to corporations and big business and tossing you the shells. Our country is in total disarray and the radicalization on both sides is out of control. They claim our governor’s executive orders are illegal, but here and in all other states where lawsuits are being filed, they are being thrown out of court. We are in a national emergency in more ways than one. So much of this could have been avoided by good, solid leadership that is uniting, compassionate, choosing paths that are good for both sides and all of American people, all races, all religions, all ages, all economic backgrounds, both sides of environmental issues and ones that can support and unite every state, county, city, town and rural area in the U.S. and rebuild our standing in the world. Every thread of the American way is now unraveled. We need people who truly care about our true economic recovery, the stabilization of our communities, the strengthening of our schools, the balance of our judicial systems, and the right paths of our environmental choices that preserve and protect our future generations and can restore the American way of life.

The Republicans have dropped the ball. They have created chaos and destroyed their own dignity.

DFL House candidates David Suby and Jeremiah Liend and Senate candidate Alan Roy are committed, and if you take the time to listen you will be enlightened from there all the way up to the Biden-Harris ticket. This great nation stands a chance.

Enough for now. Think before you cast your coming vote. Lastly, never forget 9-11, in the last words of my brother-in-law (New York Fire Department), who died in my arms: “United we stand, divided we fall.”

Stacey Gamber-Bukoski

Alida, MN