Voting is Safe!

This letter is paid content. Despite the wild speculations and unproven conspiracy theories put forth by some candidates, our voting system is safe. There are not “busloads of people going from precinct to precinct” voting over and over. Claims like this have been debunked time and time again. The only reason they are made is to grab headlines. That’s why I support David Suby for District 2B this election. He deals in facts, not conspiracies.

Here are the real facts.

In 2018, there were only 11 known cases of voter fraud according to the Secretary of State. That’s 11 out of 2,611,000 votes. That’s such a small percentage, it’s almost nonexistent. Voter fraud is not an issue. Checks and balances are in place that make our voting system safe. And that includes mail in balloting.

Mail in balloting just makes sense this election. Why?

• Covid-19 is a serious health threat to large groups of people gathering at polling places.

• Many poll workers are in an at risk age group, or may have underlying conditions that put them at risk.

• It’s easy and encourages voter participation. Many rural precincts such as the one I live in already vote by mail in every election. We have nearly 100% participation and zero complaints.

• The U.S. Mail Service is reliable and safe. We receive and send important legal documents, bills and checks through the mail.

No matter which method you choose to vote, David Suby encourages you to just please vote.

John La Fond

Ponsford, Minn.