No “right to revolution”

This letter is paid content. I read an editorial by Mr. Peter Hovde in the Farmers Independent out of Bagley. He called on the candidates, both the representatives and senate, from Senate District 2 “to publicly and clearly repudiate the bogus principle of ‘right to revolution’.”

I also reviewed what Representative Green said on the 2018 Lakeland TV debate. What I heard him saying was that the people have the right to rebel against the government of the United States of America if they “feel” that it is oppressive. The constitution guarantees that the people do have a right to defend themselves against a foreign invading army. But not to take up arms against the United States. That is treason. This is what the Southern states did in the Civil War. They lost. I absolutely repudiate his statement.

I support the second amendment. I have no interest in any legislation that takes guns away from law abiding citizens. But if we can find ways to reduce gun deaths we should consider them. I will support legislation that requires universal background checks and I think we need to reduce access to assault weapons. Assault weapons are man killers and I don’t think there is any place for them in civilized society.

If we can do simple common sense things, maybe we can find common ground for more complicated matters.

David Suby

Detroit Lakes, Minn.

DFL Candidate for MN House of Representatives in District 2B