Never Met Him

This letter is paid content. I believe the 2020 election is about saving our democracy. As a concerned citizen, I was faced with two choices: continue to pretend that all would be well, or try to do something about it in my own backyard. Today I am running as your DFL candidate for the Minnesota House in District 2B.

Every Saturday since July 4, the “David Suby Whistle Stop Campaign” travels through the district. It has been a pleasure to meet you. This weekly connection has taught me many important things. You have voiced the following:

You want  to live in, and protect, the beautiful environment of NW Minnesota and participate in all the recreational and family activities it provides.

You need

- jobs that pay a living wage,

- adequate and affordable housing

- affordable, quality healthcare,

- access to equal, good education

- and accessible, affordable childcare.

Here is what I have learned:

The fact is, all these needs are equally important and they are interconnected. The reality is families will not choose to live in our small towns, and businesses will not set up shop without attention to these needs.

These are the kind of needs for which the state legislature is designed to negotiate solutions. Negotiation is completed through the art of compromise. You need legislators who will look for solutions - - and not dig in their heels to stick to the party platform. We have all watched how that has not worked to anyone’s benefit.

I have asked so many people in the district how the last eight years, under the leadership of Steve Green, have benefitted the health of their communities. Most often the answer is they have never met him.

I have studied his record. Mr. Green is committed to and spreads dangerous, racist, irrational conspiracy theories. His focus remains on guns, abortion, and bogus voter fraud. How do priorities like these help the people of our district?

In the legislature, I will connect with people who know how to get things done. I will always keep the needs of District 2B the driver of my legislative actions. I will work hard for you. I will compromise. I am asking for your vote on November 3, 2020.

David Suby

Detroit Lakes, Minn.

DFL Candidate for Minnesota House District 2B