Paid political letter: Law enforcement urges vote for Utke, Knudsen

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Minnesota’s largest police association, representing over 10,000 rank and file law enforcement officers, enthusiastically supports Sen. Paul Utke for re-election and House candidate Krista Knudsen. They will always promote public safety proposals that keep communities safe.

Rising crime is a statewide problem, and we MUST restore public safety in our communities. That starts with respecting police as partners and holding violent criminals accountable. These candidates will make sure our public safety officials have the support, resources, and policies that provide for a safer, stronger community for everyone.

That’s why the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association supports and endorses Sen. Utke and Krista Kundsen. We hope you will join us in voting for them.

Brian Peters
Executive Director
Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association
St. Paul, Minn.