Democratic Party Honesty

This letter is paid content. A year ago, headlines trumpeted the news: legislation addresses abuse of Minnesota senior citizens. A few months ago came an echo: family members who abuse elders do so for financial gain.

Now comes a new call, and the sound is swelling for those with ears to hear it. Perhaps the Honorable Amy Klobuchar has heard it. When she bowed out of consideration for vice-presidential candidate, it seems that she wants no part of what appears to be elder abuse.

How heartbreaking to witness the handling of former Vice President Joe Biden as his mental faculties decline! Democratic party and Biden family, please allow him to retire now with some shred of dignity. Allow other candidates to run openly and directly for the party’s presidential nomination.

Stop the seeming sleight-of-hand currently operating in the party. Instead, let there be robust honesty in the Democratic party’s choice of presidential candidate presented to voters.

Anne Huhtala, Park Rapids