Bemidji for the DFL

This letter is paid content. I too was in Bemidji when Trump was there. But I was not there to see him, I was there to support the Biden-Harris ticket and protest against what Trump stands for. And you know what? I was not alone. There were almost 400 of us lined up along Bemidji Ave. cheering for Biden-Harris. And we had lots of support from passing vehicles too, many honking and giving us thumbs up. Sure Trump had more people at his rally than we did, but we showed that there is a lot of support for the DFL too. So, don’t despair Up-North Democrats. We can make a difference. We just need to VOTE. Remember our votes not only count here but in the statewide and national contests as well. Support Biden for President and help us elect David Suby in District 2B.

John La Fond

Ponsford, Minn.