2020 Project 309 Vote YES

This letter is paid content. I am a teacher at Century School where I work with students who need a little extra help to succeed in class.  I take great pride in how our community has rallied for each other during these difficult times. That is why I hope you will support the Nov. 3 referendum that seeks new investments at our schools.  Allow me to share how the plan would benefit Century School. If approved, renovations would be made to create a safer and healthier environment by upgrading ventilation and alleviating congestion at drop-off.  PreK students would join us from Frank White Education Center, while 7th and 8th graders would move to a new wing at the high school.  This would allow smoother educational transitions, while a seventh kindergarten classroom and two additional classrooms on the west side would support our growing enrollment.  It just makes sense for young learners to be placed with younger grades. You can learn more about the school plan at  As a mom of three young children, I am excited to support a referendum that will ensure the best facility for our children to learn and grow.  I hope you will join me in voting yes! Brianna Anderson  Park Rapids, MN