Huber is PRAHS student of the month

The son of Tara and Dave Huber, Joe Huber plans to study business economics at South Dakota State University next fall.

Joseph Huber (submitted photo)

The October student of the month at Park Rapids Area High School is Joseph Huber.

The son of Tara and Dave Huber, Joe has been an academic letter winner in grades 9-11, on the “A” honor roll in grades 9-11, an Excel Award nominee, and winner of a Midwest All Academic Award. He has also earned two varsity hockey letters and a varsity football letter and has served as 2020 football captain, National Honor Society member and student council member.

Joe is enrolled in eCampus through the high school and plans to attend South Dakota State University for business economics in the fall of 2021.

Business teacher Angie Kuehn said, “Joe is very deserving of this award. He is a great role model for other students and athletes. He is a very personable kid and a conscientious student. I really enjoy having him in class. Congrats, Joe. You have a bright future ahead!”

Agriculture teacher Stephen Funk said, “Joe always goes above and beyond in the classroom, whether it applies to the excellent work he does for his assignment, contributing to discussion, or doing the simple things like wiping down desks and handing out papers.”


English teacher Kerry Johnson said, “I knew Joe before he moved to Park Rapids, and he has always been a good guy. He is a hard worker who leads by example, and he doesn't get frustrated if things aren't always easy. He perseveres. Joe leads by example in how he treats others too. He is respectful and caring. Last year in my English class, other students picked Joe to be the most like Atticus from “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and it was a great fit. Just like Atticus, Joe is patient, he tries to do the right thing, he follows his conscience, and he has compassion for others. I have no doubt Joe will continue to be a good guy; his future is bright. Congrats!”

Science teacher Sara Thorson said, “Joe is the type of student you wish you could fill your classroom with. He is conscientious, kind and inclusive of others. He readily participates in class and will do anything asked of him. He will do well in life with his positive and willing-to-work attitude. Way to go, Joe!”

Social studies teacher Tom Coborn said, “I have had the pleasure of teaching Joe in several different classes throughout his high school career. Joe is one of the most outstanding students I have ever met. Joe is always willing to have a mature conversation with adults, which is sometimes rare. His work ethic, intelligence, manners and kindness make him a natural leader. Students and teachers admire Joe for the way he carries himself. Congratulations to Joe for a well-deserved award, and congratulations to Joe's parents for an incredible job in raising him.”

Art teacher Mike Hartung said, “Joe Huber is very deserving of this award. I have had Joe in several classes, and he is focused, hardworking and very meticulous. He takes on challenges and strives to do his best. He has a very successful lawn mowing business, and it takes a lot of drive and determination. He is always willing to help and is a great role model for his peers. I am very proud of you!”

“Thank you for the award,” Huber told the school board on Oct. 19. “It means a lot. It’s very pleasing to get something like this.”

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