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Give no-carve pumpkins the artsy, personal touch

Pumpkin terrariums require minimal carving and can be personalized to fit any decor. (Photo by Molly Yeh)

by Anna G. LARSON

Forum News Service

Instead of a knife, use a paintbrush to pep up pumpkins this fall.

Colorful and modern, five simple, no-carve (one DIY requires minimal carving) pumpkin décor ideas add a splash of seasonal style to any space.

Blogger Molly Yeh of “My Name is Yeh” shared with us a whimsical pumpkin terrarium DIY she whipped up on a Saturday morning.

The East Grand Forks-based food blogger hadn’t decorated a pumpkin in years and decided to make it a celebration.

Using wildflowers, succulents and herbs from Yeh’s farm, pumpkin party goers filled and painted their terrariums and snacked on cheese, nuts, breads, prosciutto and wine.

Whether you host a decorating party or bedeck a pumpkin solo, remember that DIYs are rarely Pinterest-perfect and half the fun is personalizing your project.

Pumpkin terrarium


Sharp knife for cutting

Paint (acrylics work well)

Plants, herbs, figurines and other items for the terrarium

Cut a hole in the side of a pumpkin and hollow it out (roast the seeds with salt for a tasty treat).

Paint the pumpkin (or leave it plain if you wish) and allow the paint to dry completely.

Fill the hollowed-out area with plants (people also put mini plastic animals inside to make a woodland scene).

Molly Yeh used succulents, herbs and wildflowers (air plants would work well, too).

Source: www.mynameis and

Ombre pumpkins

White spray paint

Cotton balls

Gloss enamels

Pumpkin or squash

Foam brushes

Spray paint the pumpkin white. It’ll take a few coats of paint to hide the orange pumpkin color.

Once the pumpkin is completely dry, paint the bottom third the darkest hue.

Paint the center the next-darkest color, and then the top the lightest color.

Blend the colors together with a slightly wet cotton ball until lines bleed together.

A clean, slightly damp foam paintbrush can help blend the colors, too.

Let the paint dry before displaying.

Source: /index.php/2012/10/funky-ombre-pumpkins/.

Ikat pumpkins

Pumpkin (or butternut squash)

Three colors of acrylic paint

A small (thumbnail sized) angular flat brush

Large foam brush

Small foam brush

Optional: Colored permanent markers

Select a color (I chose white), and paint the entire pumpkin using the large poly foam brush, or spray paint the pumpkin in a well-ventilated area. Allow the pumpkins to completely dry.

Next, pick a color for the “diamonds” – I used teal. Use the small poly foam brush and dab vertical lines in the shape of a diamond.

Alternatively, use a permanent marker to create the diamonds. Allow the diamond paint to dry completely.

Take the angular flat brush (or permanent marker and paint random splotches on the diamonds with the third paint color (I used gold).

It shouldn’t look too perfect.

Allow the paint to dry completely.

Optional: Paint the stem and allow the pumpkin to dry.

Adapted from: www.thep

Decoupage floral pumpkin


Floral paper (or any design)

Mod Podge

Foam brush


Cut out the paper design.

Apply Mod Podge to the pumpkin with a foam brush in a well-ventilated area after spray painting your pumpkins (if you want them to be non-orange).

Stick the paper design to the Mod Podge area, applying extra Mod Podge under edges that aren’t adhering.

Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the entire paper design and let it dry completely.

To make the stem glittery, use Mod Podge on the stem and sprinkle on glitter. Let dry completely.

Sources: www.homey and http://blog.pb

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