Ten teams set off across Park Rapids on some merry adventures Saturday. Their quest: To raise funds for Park Rapids Area Kinship. The participants found themselves attempting to fingerprint “suspects” while wearing the Law Enforcement Center’s “drunk” goggles, counting leeches, completing the fire department’s obstacle course and other challenges.

Amy Morris, above, front, a member of the 50 Shades of Awesome, headed down to the Fish Hook to fill a bucket, using a sieve, which would be carried by members of her team throughout the final challenge of the day at Heartland Park. Cydney Bettendorf, with bucket in hand, attempted to use a hockey stick to send a golf ball to its designated destination, while toting the bucket.

At the end of the challenge, half the teams were disqualified for having too little water left in the buckets. Hafner’s Greenhouse was “top seed” in the event that challenged brains and brawn. 50 Shades earned second place bragging rights.