Enjoy music under the stars Saturday, Aug. 13 with a free 7 p.m. concert featuring “Sapphire” at Legends & Logging Days.

“Sapphire” started in the basements of its early members in central Minnesota.

Playing the latest rock and roll of the day by artists such as Credence Clearwater Revival, Deep Purple, and The Shadows of Night, the band was soon a regular on the small club circuit playing some of the best dance music of the day. Crowds grew as the band’s reputation for playing the latest radio hits became well known.

“Sapphire” became a four-piece band in the late 1970s, added more keyboards, soaring guitar solos and expanded its reach to street dances, high school proms and many corporate events.

In total, the band has played in front of tens of thousands of people, and many hundreds of gigs together over the years.

Today, the band focuses on its classic rock roots, playing the music that evokes the memories of the glory days of rock n’ roll. Bands such as America, The Knack, The Doobie Brothers, The Romantics, ZZ Top, John Cougar, The Steve Miller Band and Billy Joel are favorites almost always on the playlist.

The band

Doug Stromberg is a founding member, playing guitars, keyboards, lead and background vocals. He has more than 40 years headlining the band.

Bob Kalina, another founding member, is on percussion, lead and background vocals. Although a full-time member of “Sapphire,” because of his impressive skill as a drummer Bob is often asked to fill in on drums for other bands. Never satisfied to play a song as recorded, Bob adds his own, creative drum style into each selection.

Steve Stromberg has been a member since 1979. He got the nod to join the already successful Sapphire in the late 1970s, bringing another voice, more lead guitar and occasional keyboards. Stromberg plays in several popular bands in the Minneapolis area as well.

Craig Peterson has been a member since 1996. Peterson is the veteran of the band having played live in the underground club scene in the mid- and late-1960s. He brings his appreciation of 50s music, surf rock and early 70s classic rock to the band, demanding that Sapphire keep songs from the Beatles, Beach Boys and Bachman Turner Overdrive, for example, on the playlist. Peterson also produces a large rock festival in central Minnesota each fall.