22 inducted into Park Rapids National Honor Society

English teacher Kerry Johnson offers remarks about handling pressure and taking time to recharge.

Inducted into the National Honor Society Wednesday at Park Rapids Area High School are, front row from left, Blake Simpson, Bode Lee, Alec Nordin, Isaiah Phillippi, Jacob Zinniel; middle row, Desarae Kohrs, Shailyn Pachel, Aleah Voigt, Amber Berndt, Leisl Smee, Brenna Behrens, Abby Kirlin, Hannah Morgan; back row, Alexis Annette, Ellie Gwiazdon, Ellie Ulvin, Taylor Dravis, Daniel Neubauer, Owen Wagner, Caitlin Kalita, Jaynine Borders; and Joe Huber, not pictured. All are juniors except Neubauer, a senior. (Robin Fish/Enterprise)

One senior and 21 juniors were inducted into the National Honor Society (NHS) on Wednesday in the Park Rapids Area High School media center.

English teacher Kerry Johnson offered remarks about handling pressure.

“Your pressure and your busyness is just starting,” she said. “It’ll be with you your whole life, but that’s not a bad thing. If you’re involved in things you care about, it can be a very positive experience.”

Johnson advised students to learn to say “no” rather than over-commit themselves and to focus on what they really care about.

“You know how much you can handle and still feel good,” she said. “Most colleges would rather have applicants that are in a few activities, and really all-in and very involved, than those people who just join a ton of activities and don’t really participate. Those people are just padding their applications. Don’t be that person. Know yourself, and know what you can handle.”


She also urged students to “carve out time for yourself and those things that give you peace and a recharge. … Whatever it is, make time. It’s not a luxury; it’s a necessity.”

NHS president Noel Skadberg led the ceremony, with chapter members Braeden Berg, Kamree Carlson, Sydney Koppelman and Jada Renneberg participating in a candle-lighting ceremony and presenting descriptions of the organization’s core values of scholarship, service, leadership and character.

Sierra Sharp administered the membership pledge. Afterward, each new inductee made a brief speech, thanking someone for being a positive influence.

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