MOORHEAD — Growing up in Nevis, Minnesota, Aaron Halik decided working at the local grocery store wasn't enough and started his own lawn care service.

After realizing the amount of time it took to cut both the lawns and the weeds, he came up with an idea. Several years later, The Trimyxs was born.

"The Trimyxs basically functions like a weed trimmer, but it simply attaches to your push lawnmower," Halik explained. "You have the control right at your fingertips while you're mowing."

Halik is a mechanical engineer, gaining the know-how to build his invention right over the river at NDSU.

While he was skeptical if he would ever pursue his dream, Halik says a few years ago he knew he had to really go for it.

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"Four years now, I've been working on the Trimyxs," Halik said. "That was when I actually decided to move forward. I decided to say, 'you know what, I'm not just making this an idea, I'm going to make it happen.'"

Now Halik has a fully-working 3D printed model — patent pending — and is ready to take the next step. While it is only a prototype, Halik says he plans to launch a kickstarter Aug. 6 to get it into production.