A recent scavenger hunt for rocks painted with the logo and address of Sanford Health Park Rapids was the clinic’s way of connecting with local children in a safe, social distancing way.

“Sanford Health Park Rapids would like to do something fun for the kids in our community,” LPN Holly Funk posted May 11 on the “PR Rocks, Nevis Rocks” Facebook page. “They have worked so hard this school year!”

Funk announced that clinic staff had hidden hand-painted rocks, numbered 1-10, in Park Rapids. When a kid found one, they were directed to “bring it to the clinic and receive a gift bag with fun items.”

“Rocks were hidden from the library, parks, the Chamber of Commerce, and the bike shop,” Funk said later. “As kids found them, they posted on the site that they found one. They also came to the clinic to receive a Sanford goodie bag containing fun Sanford gifts. All gift bags were the same and numbered one to 10 to match the rocks that were numbered.”

Prizes included a large water cup, sticky bandages, pencils, a snack, light-up sunglasses, a beach ball and more.

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“It was so fun to hear the stories from the kids that returned the rocks,” said Funk. “One kid said he just bought a new bike at the bike shop and found our rock. Another wanted to find one on her birthday and did!

“Another family shared that this is how they have been social distancing with friends. Looking for rocks has helped with the cooped up feeling. We had several ages come in.”

“Kids had so much fun, and it was a great social distancing activity,” said Lindsey Wangberg, marketing director for Sanford Health.

Winners who received gift bags upon presenting their rocks included Jillian Albrecht, Abby Hillukka, Landon Hillukka, Kelly Johnson, Brennyn Ott, Makenzie Mack, Makia Eischens, Raylen Stanley, Isabelle Martin and Payton Holland.