According to an article by, Minnesota and North Dakota were second and eighth, respectively, in U.S. women's equality. South Dakota ranked 37th.


There were three different categories that contributed to the overall ranking: workplace environment, education and health, and political empowerment.


When it came to workplace environment rankings, Minnesota ranked fourth in the nation, North Dakota ranked 31st, while South Dakota ranked last at 50th.


All three states ranked in the top 25 for education and health when it came to women's equality. This was South Dakota's best category ranking at 11th in the country for education and health equality. North Dakota and Minnesota ranked eighth and 21st, respectively.


Other areas of strength and weakness

North Dakota had the fourth-smallest executive positions gap between men and women, but was the worst in the nation when it came to the largest work hours gap. Work hours gap is a category comparing how many paid hours men work compared to women.


North Dakota and South Dakota are tied for first place along with four other states when ranking for the smallest educational gap (among advanced degree holders).

Source: WalletHub


Minnesota was the fifth-best for the smallest political representation gap.


Overall, the U.S. is 49th in the world in gender equality according to the World Economic Forum's ranking of 144 countries in 2017. This was a drop from 45th the year before.

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