Post Bulletin Digital Content Producer Rebecca Mitchell

Rebecca Mitchell

Digital Content Producer

Rebecca Mitchell is a Digital Content Producer for the Post Bulletin. She loves capturing local stories through words, photos and videos, and providing resources for the community.

While long loving journalism, Rebecca started her Minnesota journey in November 2019. She specializes in education, feature and health reporting. She says it's great to have the opportunity to enjoy life through a camera lens and by interviewing people.

In 2021, Rebecca received the Dave Pyle New Journalist Award (third place) from the Minnesota Newspaper Association. She received second place for a social issues story in 2022.

Rebecca graduated with a journalism degree from Biola University in 2019 after working with her college newspaper as managing editor, news editor and features editor. She was also the editor-in-chief and web content editor for her college magazine. She interned as a photographer and social media manager with various non-profits to raise awareness on housing needs and helping to end human trafficking.

Outside of the news world, she likes shopping local, visiting state parks, watching movies and helping lead an online church group.

You can email her at or give her a call at 507-285-7681.

The rental near U.S. Highway 61 shares fictional moments in Winona’s history: a giant squid in East Lake Winona, Bigfoot’s enjoyment of Bloedow Bakery, robots defeating aliens at a Sugarloaf Intergalactic Gas Station and a secret NASA base at Video Vision.
In 1991, the station had four signs, and “I’ve collected everything else,” said Ernie Johnson while looking around the garage filled with old items. People enjoy milling through the station for a look at Whalan history, classic cars, old pumps, car signs and hand crank items.
“It makes me feel so good. I just get out there and I feel a whole lot younger," said Phyllis Lokker, a resident at The Waters on Mayowood, about her bubble blowing tradition.
"They picked us," says Mark Grimes, who runs Homestead Arts Farm in Pine Island with his wife, Lori Grimes, welcoming people to learn about their fuzzy friends.
Districts 1,3, 4 and 5 will be on the 2022 ballot. Districts 1, 3 and 5 were already due for four-year term elections this year; district 4 will be a two-year term.
A 2021 study by European researchers notes the hours of media consumption for children increases with their age. The average for 8-year-olds was 4 hours and 28 minutes a day and the average for 12-year-olds was 8 hours and 14 minutes. Social media use is recommended at 30 minutes per day.
When the pandemic really hit the area in Spring 2020, there was a “demand shock” as people bought extra products and bought different products based on what funds they had available. Both changed the demand and disrupted the supply chain.
Neurofeedback therapy is a way to help your brain develop healthy patterns. It happens through neuroplasticity, which is your brain creating new pathways based on the thoughts, actions and emotions you have.
Rich and Carol Taggart, of Wadena, have been amassing their antiques collection since 1998.
The focus from health care leaders about the COVID-19 vaccine is this: They’re available to answer questions, they want to make receiving the vaccine convenient and they’re supportive of the vaccine.