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Panthers split dual meets at triangular

Eleven pins and four forfeits led the Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Nevis wrestling team to a pair of wins Thursday night at Walker.

Seven pins and three forfeits led WHAN to a 63-17 victory over Crosby-Ironton and four pins and a forfeit sparked a 45-30 win over Park Rapids.

Park Rapids used five forfeits and four pins to defeat Crosby-Ironton 57-18 in the other match.

Pins by Charles Oothoudt, Daniel Stacey, Blake Wiemann, AJ Pappas, Joe Anderson, Christopher Zimmer and Garrett Edelman and a minor decision win by Paul Langton led the Wolves past C-I. Michael Billman, Nate Peterson and Devin Wicks added forfeit wins for the Wolves.

Park Rapids benefited from five forfeits to roll past C-I in a battle of Mid-State Conference teams.

Ben Baumgartner's first-period pin at 112 pounds, Laine Jensen's 6-4 minor decision at 119 and forfeit wins by Noah Schulz at 130, Zack Tretbar at 135 and Zach Steffen at 140 pushed the Panthers' lead to 27-9.

Adam Branstrom's second-period pin at 145, forfeit wins by Zac Haugland at 152 and Kevin Just at 160, a second-period pin by Forrest Drury at 171 and a third-period pin by Danny Pike at 189 made it 57-9.

In the match between WHAN and Park Rapids, Oothoudt won a 13-2 major decision at 102 before pins by Baumgartner at 112 and Jensen at 119 gave the Panthers a 12-4 lead.

WHAN won the next three matches as Langton won by forfeit at 125 and Nistler and Campbell recorded pins at 130 and 135 as the Wolves claimed a 22-12 advantage.

A pin by Wiemann at 145 was sandwiched between pins by Steffen at 140 and Haugland at 152 as WHAN held a 28-24 advantage.

A 13-0 major decision by Collin Huckbody and an 11-4 decision by Joe Anderson gave the Wolves a 35-24 edge before Pike pulled the Panthers to within 35-30 with a pin at 189.

The Wolves sealed the win behind Zimmer's 15-4 major decision at 215 and Edelman's pin at heavyweight.

The split left the Panthers with a 6-8 record in dual meets.

WHAN 63, Crosby-Ironton 17

103: Charles Oothoudt, WHAN, pinned Caleb Voss 5:37. 112: Daniel Stacey, WHAN, pinned Matt Malloy 5:54. 119: Brett Nelson, CI, pinned Ryley Rettke 3:46. 125: Paul Langton, WHAN, minor decision over Joe Sara 16-9. 130: Michael Billman, WHAN, won by forfeit. 135: Hayden Zillmer, CI, technical fall over Devin Campbell 18-3. 140: Nate Peterson, WHAN, won by forfeit. 145: Blake Wiemann, WHAN, pinned James Sipper 1:20. 152: AJ Pappas, WHAN, won by pin 1:04. 160: Devin Wicks, WHAN, won by forfeit. 171: Joe Anderson, WHAN, pinned Tyler Roering :14. 189: Christopher Zimmer, WHAN, pinned Jeremy Hamman 5:39. 215: Garrett Edelman, WHAN, pinned Devan Gundry 2:16. 285: Cole Grinsteinner, CI, pinned Skyler Huckbody 1:59.

Park Rapids 57, Crosby-Ironton 18

103: Caleb Voss, CI, minor decision over Devon Eischens 10-4. 112: Ben Baumgartner, PR, pinned Matt Malloy :15. 119: Joe Sara, CI, won by forfeit. 125: Laine Jensen, PR, minor decision over Brett Nelson 6-4. 130: Noah Schulz, PR, won by forfeit. 135: Zack Tretbar, CI, won by forfeit. 140: Zach Steffen, PR, won by forfeit. 145: Adam Branstrom, PR, pinned James Sipper 3:29. 152: Zac Haugland, PR, won by forfeit. 160: Kevin Just, PR, won by forfeit. 171: Forrest Drury, PR, pinned Tyler Roering 2:25. 189: Danny Pike, PR, pinned Jeremy Hamman 5:32. 215: Devan Gundry, CI, minor decision over Logan Schmaus 14-8. 285: Cole Grinsteinner, CI, pinned Trai Schmidt 1:47.

WHAN 45, Park Rapids 30

103: Charles Oothoudt, WHAN, major decision over Devon Eischens 13-2. 112: Ben Baumgartner, PR, pinned Ryley Rettke :26. 119: Laine Jensen, PR, pinned Daniel Stacey 1:30. 125: Paul Langton, WHAN, won by forfeit. 130: Dylan Nistler, WHAN, pinned Noah Schulz 1:06. 135: Devin Campbell, WHAN, pinned Zack Tretbar 2:58. 140: Zach Steffen, PR, pinned Nate Peterson :40. 145: Blake Wiemann, WHAN, pinned Adam Branstrom 3:11. 152: Zac Haugland, PR, pinned AJ Pappas :38. 160: Collin Huckbody, WHAN, major decision over Kevin Just 13-0. 171: Joe Anderson, WHAN, minor decision over Forrest Drury 11-4. 189: Danny Pike, PR, pinned Brody Dehart 1:20. 215: Christopher Zimmer, WHAN, major decision over Cole Tretbar 15-4. 285: Garrett Edelman, WHAN, pinned Trai Schmidt :44.

Panthers finish second

Baumgartner and Pike captured titles to lead the Panthers to runner-up honors at Saturday's Parkers Prairie Invitational.

Baumgartner posted a 13-3 major decision over Benson's Seth Pillatzke in the title match at 112 while Pike edged Parkers Prairie's Kevin Hahn 9-8 in the championship match at 171.

Adding runner-up finishes for Park Rapids were Just at 152, Drury at 160 and Cole Tretbar at 189 while Steffen (at 140), Branstrom (at 145) and Logan Schmaus (at 215) finished third.

Also placing for the Panthers were Nick Schulz at 152 (fourth), Haugland at 152 (fifth), Rylee Smith at 215 (fifth), Jensen at 119 (sixth) and Trai Schmidt at heavyweight (sixth).

Ottertail Central claimed the team title with 208 points while the Panthers finished second in this 10-team meet with 166.50 points. Benson was third with 166 points.

Team scores: Ottertail Central 208, Park Rapids 166.50, Benson 166, Breckenridge/Campbell-Tintah 137.50, Pelican Rapids 125, Crosby-Ironton 91, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 83, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 78, Parkers Prairie 62.50, Ortonville 22.50.

Championship matches

103: Bryce Goff, B, pinned Matt Malloy, CI, 1:50. 112: Ben Baumgartner, PR, major decision over Seth Pillatzke, B, 13-3. 119: Morgan Staton, B, pinned Zach Johnson, OTC, 1:55. 125: Greg Blum, OTC, major decision over Kasey Horn, BHV, 11-3. 130: Hayden Zillmer, CI, pinned Zach Matthys, OTC, 1:47. 135: Jim Cossette, Pelican, pinned Jesse Differding, BCT, 3:05. 140: Cris Bakken, Pelican, minor decision over Nolan Koch, OTC, 4-0. 145: Tyler Olson, OTC, minor decision over Michael Whitney, BCT, 5-2. 152: Brendan Hart, OTC, pinned Kevin Just, PR, :31. 160: Stephen Erlandson, BCT, technical fall over Forrest Drury, PR, 4:12. 171: Danny Pike, PR, minor decision over Kevin Hahn, PP, 9-8. 189: Jeremy Hamman, CI, minor decision over Cole Tretbar, PR, 9-3. 215: Dylan Koppendryer, BHV, pinned Alex Banken, BCT, 5:07. 285: Colin Turchin, BHV, pinned Connor Holt, Pelican, :19.

Park Rapids results

Devon Eischens (103): pinned by Dylan Schleske, OTC, 4:53; pinned by Dakota Pixley, Pelican, 2:18.

Ben Baumgartner (112): won technical fall over Dylan Schwartz, OTC, 5:39; pinned Brett Nelson, CI, 2:50; won major decision over Seth Pillatzke, B, 13-3 (1st).

Laine Jensen (119): pinned by Morgan Staton, B, 2:27; pinned Travis Westlund, O, 1:00; lost minor decision to Miguel Botello, LPGE, 12-10; lost minor decision to Joe Sura, CI, 4-2 (6th).

Noah Schulz (125): pinned by Greg Blum, OTC, 1:27; pinned by O'Ryan Bosek, PP, :55.

Zack Tretbar (130): pinned by Hayden Zillmer, CI, :53; pinned by Wade Reece, LPGE, 1:59.

Zach Steffen (140): pinned Isaac Cloos, O, 1:08; pinned by Nolan Koch, OTC, 5:27; pinned James Sipper, CI, 3:29; pinned Josh Peterson, BCT, :47 (3rd).

Adam Branstrom (145): won minor decision over Austin Montgomery, OTC, 11-6; lost minor decision to Michael Whitney, BCT, 6-4; pined Matt Weber, B, :12; pinned Montgomery 3:29 (3rd).

Kevin Just (152): pinned Justin While, CI, 2:35; won minor decision over Zac Haugland, PR, 11-7; pinned by Brendan Hart, OTC, :31 (2nd).

Nick Schulz (152): pinned Dylan McCallison, PP, 1:07; pinned by Brendan Hart, OTC, 1:14; pinned Josh Vor, LPGE, :40; pinned by Avery Holzer, BCT, 1:42 (4th).

Zac Haugland (152): won by technical fall over Josh Vor, LPGE, 4:43; lost minor decision to Kevin Just, PR, 11-7; pinned by Avery Holzer, BCT, 1:35; pinned Vor :58 (5th).

Forrest Drury (160): pinned Trent Hagen, PP, 2:19; won major decision over Jordan Roggenbuck, O, 15-2; lost technical fall to Stephen Erlandson, BCT, 4:12 (2nd).

Danny Pine (171): pinned Christian Ambriz. LPGE, 1:07; pinned Sam Carruth, B, 3:15; won minor decision over Kevin Hahn, PP, 9-8 (1st).

Cole Tretbar (189): pinned Kyle Rockensock, O, :36; pinned Mike Kalpin, PP, 2:57; lost minor decision to Jeremy Hamman, CI, 9-3 (2nd).

Logan Schmaus (215): pinned by Kaleb Minten, OTC, 1:44; pinned Muhamed Carbo, Pelican, 3:16; won minor decision over Dimitri Cuneo, O, 8-5; won minor decision over Minten 13-7 (3rd).

Rylee Smith (215): pinned by Dimitri Cuneo, O, :44; pinned by Kaleb Minten, OTC, 4:27; pinned Cuneo 4:02 (5th).

Trai Schmidt (285): pined by Colin Turchin, BHV, :26; pinned Stephen Brunson, PP, 3:37; lost minor decision to Kody Kunerth, LPGE, 10-7; pinned by Charles Johnson, OTC, 4:42 (6th).