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Hallock sets up urban deer hunt season

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Rules are in place for the deer hunting season that will take place within the city limits of Hallock, Minn., this year.

The city will issue 30 bow-hunting licenses for the town’s hunting area, located along the Two Rivers’ south branch. Half of the licenses will be granted to residents of the deer hunt area and the other license holders will need to receive permission from landowners to hunt on their properties, according to rules set by the City Council.

“Everything’s in place,” said Hank Noel, city clerk.

The hunt was established in the Kittson County seat of 900 people to reduce the town’s deer population, estimated at more than 100. The impetus for the urban deer season was residents’ complaints about damage the whitetail deer did to gardens and bushes.

“It’s a matter of testing the waters this year,” Noel said. “If we find there is way more interest in the hunt and way more permission is granted to hunt on their land, then maybe 30 licenses aren’t enough.”

The city’s deer hunting license will cost $10. Hunters also are required to purchase a bow license issued by the Department of Natural Resources. The season runs from Sept. 14 to Dec. 31, the same as DNR’s archery season

“We’re experimenting this year with this hunt to get as many deer as we can out of town,” said Laura Reese, City Council member.