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Tips on buying, selling your toys

Buying and selling outdoor related gear is easy through options such as classifieds and the Internet, at minimal cost to both parties. Including a picture of the item for sale, like this youth-sized four-wheeler, often increases the ad's effectiveness. (Jason Durham / For the Enterprise)

As various outdoors seasons change and people prepare to hunt, open-water fish, ice-fish, downhill ski, cross-country ski, bike, kayak, etc., a certain activity increases; buying and selling gear.

Throughout life there are times when equipment breaks or breaks down and needs to be replaced or upgraded to higher quality contraptions.

There are numerous avenues to accomplish buying and selling outdoor related equipment, some which you may already know and a few that may be new.

First of all, purchasing new gear through a reputable retailer is often the best idea. Manufacturer warranties will be valid with and the retailer often stands behind their products as well, ensuring you're satisfied.

Yet if used equipment is the only way to stay within budget, selling your used gear to buy new or used gear is really quite simple.

The back section of the Park Rapids Enterprise has classified ads that are reasonable to purchase and reach a wide area. If you're asking for less than $250 for your item, the ad is actually free! For more information, turn to the classifieds in the back of the sports section.

The Internet has also made it simple to post ads at no charge that buyers can easily access from anywhere in the world.

For instance, is very popular among people buying and selling virtually anything. There is no fee to post an advertisement and your e-mail address is kept confidential. That is, unless you start conversing with the other party, which is bound to happen as both a buyer and seller.

Another website offering free ads is called The company calls themselves "the ultimate outdoor classifieds" and truthfully, they do have a lot of equipment offered by private owners and entertain plenty of traffic on the website.

An additional online option that was revolutionary upon its conception is

Some people don't like the commission or shipping responsibilities required by the virtual website store but if you're open to paying a very small fee when selling and take the time to pack-up the item for shipment, it's definitely worth your effort.

If you'd rather dedicate less responsibility but still want to sell items online, you can head to Ryan Leckner's shop south of town or bring your goods to the Tin Ceiling on Main Avenue. All you need to do is bring in your sales item and the business will take care of everything else, walking you through the process step by step. A small commission is necessary to cover costs, but the return is worthwhile.

Finally, for you Facebook fiends, check out the Park Rapids Area Swap and Sell page. The posts are free and the page is filled with posts and replies from within the immediate area. You can list any type of item, no matter the category; furniture, outdoor gear, boats, motors, fish houses; literally anything that could potentially find a new home. And the seller can profit; the funds ultimately used to purchase new equipment or saved for another day.