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Deer season transitions to fishing

An industry first, the Clam Six-Pack offers six exterior walls and massive space to accommodate numerous anglers.1 / 2
Northland Tackle's Whistler Spoon incorporates concepts from the ever-popular Whistler Jig to create a highly potent ice fishing presentation for aggressive fish.2 / 2

The outdoors-focused congregated at deer camps rarely have a linear discussion on deer hunting.

We have many other interests, but deer hunting is one of those that we can enjoy for 9 days of the year. Bow-hunting and muzzleloader season extends the deer hunting opportunities.

Yet "deer camp," whether in a rustic shack, RV, tent, hotel or amenity- laden super-galactic Vegas styled accommodation, have crossover in numerous ways.

First, there's the food; enough to make your rib-cage spasm in pain. It's rare to hear of hunting parties looking gaunt throughout deer season.

Second, there are the stories of years past. They might be elaborate play-by-plays of the biggest buck ever shot in hunting camp; tales that are both true and legendary. Then there are the humorous recollections that often get hunters on their feet, disputing what may or may not have happened to them while in the field.

Finally, deer camp usually has a focus on gear. Guns, ammunition, scents, stands, clothing and sights all earn some dialog. But then, the optimistic deer hunters begin to share information on gear they own or might purchase for their additional outdoor endeavors once deer season passes.

A lot of that talk goes straight to ice fishing. There have been times in the past where the lakes are already frozen by the time deer season arrives. Other years seem closer to Christmas. Either way, the ice fishing season isn't far behind deer season.

To retain your scholarly prowess during the prestigious "Deer Camp Gear Debate," think about a few of these unique ice fishing offerings that are truly unique.

Portable ice shelters are always of interest to outdoors-people. Clam Corp. has several new models that will make you say, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Their hub-style Six--Pack has an industry first: six exterior walls and it sets up in seconds.

The Clam Switch-Back incorporates an exterior wall that expands (6' x 8' extending to 8' x 10'; imagine a slide-out area on an RV) to create additional room for anglers.

When it comes to cold weather, a reliable, high-quality heater is a major asset. The ever-popular line offered by Mr. Heater, including the Big Buddy, Portable Buddy, Little Buddy and choice of tank-top heaters offers heat sources, whether in a deer stand, fish house or duck blind, engineered by science.

They instantly turn cold air into a comfortable environment with the clean burning propane fueling their heaters. Check them out at local retailers and at

New, hot ice fishing tackle is another topic that arises and the freshest bait available is Northland Tackle's Whistler spoon. The reknowned Whistler Jig has wrangled walleyes in open water for years, but the spoon version adds a new, hard-water dimension to the idea.

Aggressive species like walleye, northern pike and perch will readily go for the flash and vibration of the Whistler Spoon (