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Fall transformation

Trees are beginning to turn golden along County Road 40 in Hubbard County.

Leaves are already starting to change color as temperatures drop and fall approaches.

Itasca State Park's foliage is beginning to see color changes.

According to a Thursday color report issued by the Department of Natural Resources, the east entrance road of Itasca is offering pockets of red from maples amongst the towering pines.

A drive down Main Park Drive or a ride on the bike trail offer good views of the early fall colors, according to the report. The pathways in the area around the Headwaters of the Mississippi River offer nice views of the late summer flowers.

Fall colors vary depending on the weather but the early spring and dry summer means some trees are changing colors early.

At Itasca, early color change is occurring in the sugar maples with several trees are showing yellow bright red colors. Black ash are also turning yellow along with several basswoods and paper birch. Balsam poplar leaves are turning a brownish-gold color.

The report indicates that in the shrub layer, dogwoods and arrowwood are beginning to show hints of deep purple. Sumac leaves are turning a blood-red color.

The typical peak for maple, basswood and ash in this area is the last two weeks of September. The typical peak for oak, aspen and birch is the last few days of September and first two weeks of October and the peak for Tamarack is typically mid-October, according to the DNR.

Fall color reports will be updated weekly on the DNR's website,

Anna Erickson
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