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Area athletes compete in triathlon

Sweatshirt weather did not dampen the enthusiasm of the swimmers in the first event of the triathlon. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)

Swimmers, bikers and runners enjoyed stellar weather for the 10th annual Northwoods Triathlon in Nevis Saturday.

Brooks Grossinger, 35, of Mayer once again crossed the finish line in first place with a time of 58:05. David Lewis, 38, of Nevis was second in the field of 252 finishers with a time of 1:02:44. And Kevin George, 31, of Park Rapids finished third, with a time of 1:04:12.

Other area competitors and their rank and times are Matthew Backmann, 34, Park Rapids, 12th, 1:08:19; Neil King, 62, Nevis, 14th, 1:08:47; David Bjorklund, 44, Park Rapids, 19th, 1:10:04; Chris Godwin, 37, Nevis, 45th, 1:16:29; Kent Fritze, 44, Park Rapids, 70th, 1:19:33;

Angie Walther, 44, Park Rapids, 98th, 1:24:27; Mark Hewitt, 59, Park Rapids, 107th, 1:25:22; Jesse Munson, 27, Park Rapids, 116th, 1:26:09; Chris Shaw, 17, Park Rapids, 139th, 1:30:35; Kristen Lund, 37, Park Rapids, 140th, 1:30:47; Emily Munson, 27, Park Rapids, 149th, 1:32:22; Olaf Netteberg, 42, Nevis, 150th, 1:32:26; Nikki Davis, 32, Park Rapids, 158th, 1:33:34;

Donald Gytri, 60, Park Rapids, 166th, 1:34:38; Justin Isaacson, 35, Nevis, 175th, 1:35:37; John Smith, 61, Nevis, 178th, 1:36:11; Bruce Bolton, 50, Nevis, 179th, 1:36:52; Kay Netteberg, 46, Nevis, 184th, 1:37:17; Noelle Kuitunen-Johnson, 37, Nevis, 195th, 1:39:05; Nancy Lewis, 38, Nevis, 198th, 1:39:59;

Rebecca Scraper, 28, Park Rapids, 211th, 1:42:57; Shelly Mahowald, 50, Nevis, 218th, 1:45:20; Nicholas Bolton, 23, Nevis, 228th, 1:48:54; Brandi Backmann, 36, Park Rapids, 230th, 1:49:33; Kjera Gustafson, 21, Nevis, 232nd, 1:50:43, and Ed Bolton, 74, Nevis, 242nd, with a time of 1:55:05.

The Blonde Ambition Trio, comprised of Kathy Stenberg, Leah Walters and Paige Walters, of Nevis, came in first in the female relay competitors with a time of 1:15:38.

The coed relay team WAHEHE - Beth Hirt and Rodney Helm of Park Rapids and Brian Perez of Salisbury, Md. - crossed the finish line first, with 1:13:10.

Team Goebel - Sam, Lyle and Glen - were first in the male relay competition with 1:02:38 registering on the clock.