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Fishing for a 'yes': Scuba diver helps Wahpeton man pull off proposal

Blake Buck and Kellie O'Leary are shown after she catches a big engagement ring with her ice fishing line. Special to The Forum

OTTERTAIL, Minn. - Some men get down on one knee. Others have proposed at football games on Live TV. Then there is Blake Buck, who recently reeled in a fiancé.

When Buck of Wahpeton, N.D., decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him, he did more than go above and beyond. He went below the ice, with help from his scuba-diving friend.

Buck recently took his girlfriend, Kellie O'Leary, a kindergarten teacher in Breckenridge, out for a day of ice fishing on Otter Tail Lake.

On this day of fishing, he convinced O'Leary no bait was needed.

What she did not know is Buck's friends, who are scuba divers, were 70 feet away under a portable fish house with a hole cut in the ice big enough for a diver.

His friend Mike Metzger, who dives with Valley Water Rescue, had agreed to help pull off the proposal under the ice, swimming in the 70 feet through the frigid water to find the lure.

When O'Leary saw the bobber go down, Buck told her not to set the hook, knowing his diving friend Metzger was inches away, having put the ring on the submerged plastic fish.

After O'Leary pulled in the ring-bearing lure, she said yes. Following a quick wash in the lake, the diamond was safe on her left hand.

The wedding is set for this summer.