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DNR Forestry in Park Rapids loses 600 trees in Memorial Day tornado

The berm off Highway 34 shows only part of the tree damage suffered by the Park Rapids DNR Forestry office. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)

"We aren't 100 percent sure at this point but it's probably going to be a combination of red pine and white pine" to replace the forest lost, said Mark Carlstrom, DNR Forestry supervisor.

"You look at this block and anything with big trees on it is ours. We have 13 acres."

But Carlstrom said storm damage isn't unusual any summer. "We have enough land, I've always got to deal with this. For us, it just happened close to our office. That's the only difference." A logger cleaned up the mess in a day.

Carlstrom now turns his attention to the terrestrial invasive species found in the cleared land. "The birds were dropping seeds and stuff so we're gonna have to deal with that, there's buckthorn in there and a lot of junk," he said. "So as part of this we're gonna work on cleaning that stuff off."

DNR will pull the brush and chemically eradicate the buckthorn and Mountain Ash that tend to take over. New planting will begin next spring.

Sarah Smith

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