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NW Minnesota hunters bag 1,400-pound moose

Dan Rockensock of Bemidji (above) and Greg Winskowski of Stephen teamed to harvest this moose near Finland, Minn. on opening morning. The antlers measured 55 inches. Submitted Photo

BEMIDJI - Dan Rockensock of Bemidji and his partner Greg Winskowski of Stephen teamed to take a 1,400-pound bull moose during the opening day of the Minnesota hunting season on Oct. 2 near Finland, Minn.

Rockensock first heard the animal crashing in the brush and finally the moose emerged from the thick woods. The moose eventually stopped about 10 yards from Rockensock and offered a killing shot.

After the shot the moose ran past Rockensock who returned to camp to enlist Winskowski's help in tracking.

The hunters eventually retrieved the bull about a mile from where Rockensock first saw it. The bull's antlers measured 55 inches.