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Leftover either-sex deer permits on sale Monday, Oct. 11

Firearm and muzzleloader hunters who were unsuccessful in this year's lottery for an either-sex deer permit or did not apply can obtain free leftover permits beginning at 5 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 11, from any Electronic License System agent or online at, according to the Minnesota Department of Resources (DNR).

To pick up a permit, a hunter must either currently possess or purchase a license valid for either the firearm season (option A or B) or the muzzleloader season.

Individuals can only have one permit, which is valid for the area they select. The permit will allow an individual to take one antlerless deer in that deer area only.

Hunters who were selected in the lottery cannot obtain a leftover permit. A leftover permit allows an individual to take a deer of either sex in that permit area. It is not a permit for an extra deer.

In lottery deer areas, firearm and muzzleloader license holders who intend to take an antlerless deer must possess an either-sex permit; otherwise, they are restricted to hunting bucks. The total bag limit for deer in lottery areas is one deer per year.

The DNR License Center and Information Center will have extended hours on Monday, Oct. 11. Both will be open until 5:30 p.m.