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Wolf Lake has the DNR's attention

The Wolf Lake Sportsmen's club remains optimistic because of the attention of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The lake is quite shallow, with a maximum depth of 16 feet. In recent years, several new aeration systems have been active in the lake because it has a history of extreme winter kill. The DNR keeps stocking large numbers of walleyes here, about 1/2 million fry, every two years. Four "fountain type" aerators have been purchased by the Wolf Lake sportsmen, and two by the DNR. This spring, there was no indication of winterkill in the lake.

But, it may take some time to see an improvement in walleye numbers. Things like big improvements don't happen overnight. So everybody is very cautiously waiting.

The lake may be more important to Park Rapids area fishermen and its large number of visitors than it is to Detroit Lakes and North Dakota anglers. Wolf Lake has lots of northern pike, a well-known predator, where there is walleye stocking. But the pike aren't particularly big. Blue gill catches are quite satisfying to anglers who go afloat on quiet, warm summer nights. And there are bullheads in this shallow water. Bullheads, panfish, and pike are the targets of Wolf Lake sportsmen. The DNR is trying hard to make this lake into a walleye lake.