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Aging fishing piers in Nevis, Akeley scheduled to be replaced

Nevis maintenance supervisor Don Umthun expected to return the existing pier back to position this week, but windy conditions precluded the move. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)

The Lake Belle Taine and 11th Crow Wing Lake public fishing piers will soon be replaced, the Nevis and Akeley councils learned this week.

David Schotzko, DNR area supervisor for state parks and trails, said grants will fund the replacement of the existing 20+-year-old piers, but the timeline has not yet been determined.

The piers will be constructed at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Stillwater, but a backlog exists.

"Ideally, this summer," Schotzko said of the timeframe. But the funding, he said, is secure. The docks cost approximately $28,000 each.

In the meantime, the existing structures will be used. The Nevis dock was in its winter storage position with the poles lifted but after ice-out, the wind twisted parts, sending it parallel to the shoreline.

Akeley and Nevis, as in the past, sign a cooperative agreement with the Department of Natural Resources to maintain the structure.

The DNR will install the new piers, Schotzko said, with city assistance.