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Lost northern Minnesota hunter found, treated for frostbite, hypothermia

A Puposky, Minn., hunter is being treated for frostbite and hypopthermia at North Country Regional Hospital in Bemidji after being lost in Quiring Township, Beltrami County Sheriff Phil Hodapp said in a news release.

At about 3:30 a.m. this morning, the Beltrami County Sheriff's Office Dispatch received a faint cell phone call from Rowdy Schipper, 44, who said he was lost in the woods north of Minnesota Highway 1.

Schipper reportedly said he had lost his footwear and socks and was suffering from severe hypothermia, Hodapp said.

The Beltrami County Dispatch Center managed to keep Schipper on the line long enough to get a general fix on his location based on his cell phone signal. The Beltrami County Sheriff's Deputies, members of the Kelliher Fire Department and Blackduck Ambulance Service responded to the scene, Hodapp said.

The sheriff's office alerted neighbors in the area who also assisted with the search.