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DNR seeks input to hunting rules changes

The DNR is considering proposed changes to hunting rules. Comments are being sought at the addresses shown. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)

The DNR is accepting comments through Thursday, Oct. 29, on proposed changes and additions to hunting rules. These rule changes would not affect the 2009 hunting seasons.

The proposals cover a variety of areas pertaining to bear hunting, baiting and outfitting; falconry; furbearer trapping; doves; and the harvest of ginseng in Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs).

"Many of the rule changes included in this package have been discussed and supported at past public input meetings," said Jason Abraham, DNR season setting specialist. "As we move forward with these rules, we're encouraging anyone with an interest in wildlife to comment."

A copy of the proposed rules and additional information about the rules process is available online at

Provisions being proposed in this rule package include:

-Modifying provisions for controlled hunting zones on Lac qui Parle State Game Refuge.

-Modifying provisions for taking antlerless deer by muzzleloader in lottery permit areas.

-Modifying provisions for bear hunting, baiting and outfitting.

-Modifying game species that may be taken by falconry.

-Repealing provisions for taking furbearers in national wildlife refuges.

-Modifying trap-tending intervals, the use and placement of body-gripping traps and marking of muskrat houses.

-Repealing duplicate rule provisions relating to certified predator control.

-Creating a standard opening date and bag limit for the mourning dove season.

-Modifying provisions for taking Canada geese.

-Modifying provisions on the harvest of ginseng in WMAs.

The DNR will accept written comments supporting or opposing the rule changes through 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 29. Comments may be submitted to Jason Abraham, Box 20 Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, 500 Lafayette Road, St. Paul, MN 55155-4020 or via e-mail at