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Deer busts window, runs through Grand Cities Mall, tries to get in pet store

A deer smashed through a window and romped through the Grand Cities Mall on Sunday morning, mall manager Mary Noel said.

The mall's head custodian reported the doe's violent entry about 7 a.m. before pursuing it down three hallways.

"The window the deer crashed through was about 3 feet by 8 feet with concrete on either side," Noel said. "She cut herself because there was a trail of blood all over."

The custodian told Noel the "pregnant doe" butted her head against the window of the Stonegate Pet Shop but didn't get in. She then trampled a kiddie ride rocket ship and butted the windows of Hope Covenant Evangelical Church before bolting through the fire escape doors on the north side and heading toward 17th Avenue South, where she almost was struck by a police car.

Noel said damage to the mall was minor.

Grand Forks police dispatch also received about a dozen reports of a deer sighting about 1 p.m. Monday near Hugo's on 20th Street North. Officers were not able to locate the deer.