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Tigers hoping to send another runner to state

Tom Stambaugh is looking to send a Nevis runner to the state Class A cross country meet for the fifth year in a row.

Bryon Schuldt capped off his senior season last fall by winning the state title in his fourth appearance at the state meet.

Stambaugh thinks senior Josh Trosen has the potential to qualify for state this year. Trosen missed last year with a stress fracture of the tibia.

The other varsity runners for the Tigers this season will be senior Karly Drury and juniors Zachary Miller, Taylor Drury, Chloe Johnson and Jordan Walters, who finished 82nd at last year's Section 8A meet.

"I think Josh has a chance of making it to state. Other than that I have kids who are young or training for another sport," said Stambaugh. "My goal for all the kids is to improve their times by the end of the year. No matter their level, they can all become better runners. I would like to get them to find running to be a life-long activity."