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PREAF continues to benefit programs

Since 2000, the Park Rapids Education & Activities Foundation has donated more than $220,000 in grants to athletic, fine arts and educational programs at the Park Rapids Area Schools.

The mission of the PREAF is to insure the funding for strong and healthy educational, fine arts and athletic programs of the Park Rapids Area Schools as well as providing a contribution structure for these and other school programs.

The goals of the PREAF are to establish annual fundraising efforts to provide financial support for the current educational and activities programs in the Park Rapids school district; to establish a sustaining endowment fund to provide financial support for the future educational and activities programs in the Park Rapids school district; to provide a method for tax-exempt contributions, gifts, grants, trust or other fundraising efforts; and to minimize door-to-door fundraising for the students, teachers, coaches and parents of the Park Rapids school district.

The PRAEF is always looking for more members. Membership forms can be obtained at the Park Rapids Area Schools or from the Area High School website:

So far during the 2009-2010 season, the PREAF has awarded more than $31,000 in grants.

Athletic teams received the following grants:

Boys and girls cross country: $1,000 for transportation costs.

Football: $1,500 for replacement equipment; $500 for a video camera; and $500 for pants, helmets and shoulder pads for 7th and 8th graders.

Girls tennis: $340 for tennis balls.

Boys basketball: $1,330 for 20 new varsity practice jerseys and 15 warm ups and $810 for junior high shorts and basketballs.

Girls basketball: $2,224 for basketballs, varsity uniforms and junior high shorts.

Gymnastics: $1,196 for landing mats and spotting blocks.

Boys hockey: $1,000 for uniforms and socks.

Girls hockey: $600 for practice jerseys, game socks and water bottles.

Baseball: $1,206 for a black "Home of the Panthers" outfield mesh back drop.

Boys and girls golf: $2,000 for transportation costs.

Softball: $935 for a catcher's helmet, softballs, a catcher's bag, a bat bag, a helmet bag, a catcher's mitt, a bat and Middle School uniforms.

Boys tennis: $1,806 for transportation costs, tennis balls and two nets.

Boys and girls track: $440 for a discus ring and a shot put toe board.

The PREAF also awarded grants for the following fine arts programs:

Drama: $1,000 for construction materials for the set for the fall play and $900 for a saw and backdrop materials for the fall and winter play.

Speech: $150 for competition materials.

Music: $1,516 for two pieces for the choir shell.

The PREAF also awarded grants for the following educational programs:

English: $800 for paperback books for 11th grade and $191.70 for books for high school mythology class.

Science: $841.97 for a projector and bulb for high school classes and $821 for rocket kits for 6th grade.

BPA: $1,000 for a computer.

Art: $99.40 for tile cutters for Middle School art class.

Media Center: $800 for non-fiction books for high school, $225 for books for book club and $600 for non-fiction books for elementary.

Misc.: $500 for student planners for 9th grade; $1,005 for EXPLORE tests for 9th grade; $400 for rewards for Accelerated Reading Program; $230 for Middle School DCD work boxes and $100 for DCD file folder games; $209.10 to Middle School student council for six sets of playground balls; $199.50 for 4th grade Adopt a Parent program to transport students to Heritage Living Center; $500 for 20 pairs of fins for swimming class; $1,649.94 for wall-mounted projector and board for kindergarten; and $464.14 for computer lab printer for 4th grade.