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Billy Crystal, Bob Costas expected at Maris golf tournament

The celebrity factor at the annual Roger Maris Celebrity Golf Tournament will go up a notch in stature today. Event organizers are expected to announce that actor/comedian Billy Crystal will make an appearance.

Crystal's connection to Maris centers around the movie "*61," in which Crystal, a life-long New York Yankees fan, directed. The 2001 film chronicles the career of Maris and the record-breaking home run record of 61 set in 1961.

Crystal has called Maris a "boyhood idol." Maris committee members wouldn't immediately confirm that Crystal will make the trip to Fargo, but it's obvious there is an extra bounce in their step these days.

"I can say it's an exciting field we've got," said Larry Scott, a member of the Maris golf committee.

The 26th annual tourney is set for June 28-29 at Edgewood golf course. Sportscaster Bob Costas is also expected to appear.

"Bob Costas is bringing a friend," said Jim Deutsch, also a committee member.

Last year, Costas withdrew four days before he was scheduled to emcee the annual Maris banquet because of a scheduling conflict with NBC's Olympic coverage.