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Fishing tackle benefit is Feb. 19

Members from Grace Chapel will journey to Antiqua, Guatemala to build houses similar to this one beginning February 17. A fish dinner fundraiser with a fishing tackle silent auction will take place on Jan. 19 at Grace Chapel, south of Bagley to support the excursion. (Submitted photo)

For fishing fanatics, nothing could be better than gaining some extra fishing gear at a fraction of the retail price.

Local retailers run specials that offer a nice discount and if you happen to stroll into one of the shops at the right time or diligently watch the ads, bargains are aplenty.

A benefit tackle sale will take place next Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013 at Grace Chapel, a church located 10 miles south of Bagley at 25514 State 92.

The night begins with item viewing and opening bidding beginning at 5 p.m. A fish fry dinner starts at 6 p.m.

At 7 p.m. Dan DeJaeghere, a congregation member and professional fisherman, will present a brief seminar on the focus for the evening. This encompasses a dedication to something far different than fishing and takes place many miles from Minnesota. You see, the group's goal for the evening is to raise funds to send parishioners to Antiqua, Guatemala, to build homes for needy people.

The dinner, in its second year, was initially spear-headed by DeJaeghere.

After sponsoring children in Guatemala, Dan embarked on a trip to visit the kids and their family. Upon arrival, he realized that much more could be done; something more permanent to fulfill a long term need for the poor.

This spawned the idea to satisfy a primary necessity in the Antiqua community; shelter.

A group of 18 volunteers will depart from the Grace Chapel congregation on Feb. 17 and spend one week in Antiqua. During that time, their workforce is predicted to build at least three houses, probably more, which are smaller than the average garage, yet provide shelter and a home for the underprivileged.

Another key member in the fundraising effort is Grace Chapel congregation member Gary Fultz, who has logged over 50 trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, is passionate about both hunting and fishing, and emphasizes introducing youth to the Great Outdoors.

To accomplish this task, each person on their team will incur about $1,500 in expenses.

Grace Chapel pastor Chris Conger, who spent several years as the Pastor at White Oak Church in Chamberlin, invites anyone interested in fellowship, fishing and fundraising for the effort to join in on the evening.

Conger has a lifelong interest in the outdoors as well and although the main goal for the night is to raise money to help defray costs for the workforce assisting in Guatemala.