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Wonewok gas spills; cleanup under way

Environmental contractors were excavating contaminated soil this week at Wonewok on Big Mantrap Lake following a 76-gallon gasoline spill earlier this month.

Doug Bellefeuille, who handles Minnesota Pollution Control Agency emergency response issues, said the gas spill occurred Feb. 5, 3M hiring the contractor for clean up.

MPCA will provide long-term oversight to assure clean up, with monitoring wells installed and quarterly or monthly reviews conducted on the receptor wells and lake.

Bellefeuille said he expects no off-site impacts to groundwater or lakes.

"Groundwater usually moves toward the lakes, he said, but "contaminants at this level should not affect the lake."

Because of the amount of the spill and the "fairly quick response," he said this "should not be a long-term issue."

But the cost, he estimates, "will be in the tens of thousands" of dollars.