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Lake service providers must take AIS training

The Minnesota DNR is offering aquatic invasive species (AIS) training to owners of lake service provider businesses in Minnesota so they can legally work in the state's waters.

For lake service providers that don't already have permits, the DNR is offering a number of training sessions in the next several months. The schedule is available at http://files.dnr.

Businesses are legally required to attend AIS training and acquire a permit before being hired to place or remove water-related equipment from state waters. The law, passed by the Minnesota Legislature in 2011, aims to help prevent the spread of AIS.

"More than 800 lake service businesses attended AIS training last year and are now in compliance with the new law," said April Rust, AIS training coordinator. "We're eager to train the remaining businesses in Minnesota."

The businesses that have taken training are included on the DNR's website listed above.

Lake service providers include canoe outfitters, dock haulers, marina owners, dock/lift installers, boat or yacht clubs, irrigation equipment installers and others who conduct work that involves placing or removing water-related equipment from any state waters.

Visit the DNR website at to learn which businesses need a permit. For more information or to register for a training session, contact April Rust at or call 651-259-5706.