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Andersons bolt for a wedding, still win Cirks tourney

Randy and Jeremy Anderson of Nevis won the 26th annual Gene Cirks Memorial Scholarship Tournament held on Lake Belle Taine last Saturday. The duo topped the 46 boat field despite having to leave early for a wedding.

Last Saturday's 26th annual Gene Cirks Memorial Scholarship Tournament (G.C.M.S.T.) held on Lake Belle Taine entertained 46 boats and 92 anglers looking to land walleye, bass and northern pike.

After the official weigh-station had registered the final fish, the father and son duo of Randy and Jeremy Anderson of Nevis stood in the winner's circle with 33.60 points. The total represents 30.60 lbs. of fish, including the big walleye for the day at 7.49 lbs. and a three-pound bonus for registering all three species of fish.

The Andersons' bag of fish included 3 walleye, 3 northern pike and 6 bass.

What's most interesting is the manner in which the two anglers won the event.

Jeremy, who won the G.C.M.S.T. in 2012 with his wife Kayla, had to leave the event three hours early to stand as a groomsman in a friend's wedding.

Randy also had to leave early to attend the same ceremony, and his fishing time was cut an hour shorter than the rest of the field.

The Anderson anglers started their climb to the top when Randy caught the big walleye of the tournament in 9 feet of water. The fish was immediately brought to the weigh-in and the team immediately caught another nice walleye in a different spot shortly thereafter.

Following a morning of catching nice bass and smaller northern pike, the time came for Jeremy to leave. "I knew we had a chance to win with the weight we had, but you never know what the other teams have caught", said Jeremy.

Randy continued fishing and upgraded two of their northerns, then decided to return to the area where their big fish was caught. Soon he hooked, battled, netted and landed a 3.34 lb. walleye.

"Dad won the tournament for us," said Jeremy. "If he hadn't caught the big walleye that morning and the fish he did in the afternoon, we wouldn't have ended up in first place."

Second place went to Dave Luedke and Keith Blumberg with 30.05 lbs. (12 fish).

Brothers Kenny and Jeff Barr were third with 26.73 lbs. of northern pike and bass.

Fourth place went to Dick Magaard and Paul Dierkhising with 26.02 lbs. (11 fish).

Dean Christofferson and Jon Gravdahl ended up in 5th place with 25.41 lbs. and Dennis Daily and Kelly Condiff came in 6th with 24.81 lbs.

Seventh place was the father/son team of Gary and Eric Wolff (24.31 lbs.,) and 8th place went to Kevin Lindow and Levi Durgin (24.08 lbs.).

Jordan Anderson and Jason Durham had 23.59 lbs. for 9th place and Brian Fitch and Mark Wick rounded out the top ten with 23.38 lbs.

Doug and Carol Hanson were the top finishing male/female team and earned the Uff-Da days Ole and Lena award (20.74 lbs.).

Tim Tauer and Adam Schmid finished in the middle-of-the-pack (14.95 lbs.) and were given the Uff-Da Days Incredibly Mediocre Award.

Kenny Barr caught the big bass weighing 4.59 lbs. and Matt and Brian Halik had the big northern (4.36 lbs.).