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Headwaters 100 riders enjoy balmy temps, area's hospitality

Park Rapids educator Connie Fondow, who exercised on a stationary bike for years, was traveling the byways Saturday on the 75-mile ride. "It's the best thing I've done," she said of outdoor exercise. "I wish I was doing the 100." (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)1 / 2
Headwaters 100 riders arrived from 11 states and Canada, the weather bringing smiles. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)2 / 2

"A fantastic turnout, our best ever," Headwaters 100 statistician Ken Grob reports of the 31st annual cycling event.

Sunny skies and temperate climes sent a record-setting number of bicyclists over hill and dale Saturday, Itascatur the organizers.

Registrations for 2011 totaled 672 with 650 riders checking in. This compares with last year's 478 riders.

The majority of riders - 353 - registered to ride the 100-mile route, Grob said, with 145 signing up for the 75-mile distance and 152 on the 45-mile path.

The two oldest registered riders were Park Rapids retired physicians Paul Grimes and Ev Duthoy. The youngest, both 6, were Jackson Head from Steinbach, Manitoba and Tristan Quibell from Fargo.

Tristan's brother Lucas, 10, was battling the flu, but the Quibell family biking brigade numbered five, including parents John and Karen, Sydney, 8, and Ethan, 5, riding in tow.

Participants arrived from 11 states and Canada, Grob said. The majority of riders hale from Minnesota, with 127 from North Dakota, 10 from Wisconsin and seven from South Dakota.

Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Colorado, Texas, Massachusetts and Ohio were all represented.

Forty-five traveled from Canada, most of them from Winnipeg and Steinbach, Manitoba.

The metro provided the most riders, but 62 motored over from Fargo, 30 from Bemidji, 23 from Grand Forks, 21 from Moorhead and 14 came from Alexandria.

Park Rapids riders numbered 41.

"Awesome," was often heard as a description of the ride and weather.