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Amateurs Guide: For our loon, second time's the charm - twins

This loon sits on her second nest of eggs this season. Her earlier eggs were victims of predation. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)

She did it!

The loon on our bay of Lower Bottle Lake successfully birthed her second batch of eggs, twins.

They're pretty little at this late stage of the summer, so they will need to grow significantly or be left behind. They're still brown fluff balls. Her first nest of eggs was raided by a bald eagle, we think, that perches just above the loon nest on water's edge. I'll try to get pictures of the twins this weekend.


Betty Norlin reports seeing an indigo bunting near Nevis last week. It was singing for all it was worth. It flew the proverbial coop when she ran for her camera.

There's such a marked discrepancy between the genders of this species and it's easy to overlook females.

Sarah Smith

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